Life with Hope

Life With Hope: A Return to Living Through the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Marijuana Anonymous

This book fully describes the steps and traditions of the program as they relate specifically to marijuana addicts. It is an excellent resource for any marijuana addict seeking recovery through the twelve step program.

Life with Hope 12-Step Workbook

It is suggested that MA members work the 12 Steps with a sponsor. This companion to Life with Hope is a tool to assist MA members and their sponsors work the steps together. This book includes worksheets and activities.

The print editions of both Life With Hope (2001) and the Life with Hope 12-Step Workbook are both available at MA meetings and from A New Leaf Publications. It is also available online from the MAWS website.


A variety of pamphlets are available for free at MA meetings, and online on the MAWS website.

A New Leaf Newsletter

A New Leaf, the MA newsletter, is available for free at MA meetings, from A New Leaf Publications, or online on the MAWS website.

Life with Hope, Life with Hope 12-Step Workbook, our pamphlets, and A New Leaf newsletter are all also available for free in MA's mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Use the links below or search your app store for "Marijuana Anonymous."

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