Updated April 10, 2015


District 1 is having another bonfire on Saturday, May 16 at Ocean Beach here in San Francisco! We will gather at 6:00pm, and have an MA meeting from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. New beach rules force us to have the fire out by 9:00pm, and the parking lot must be vacated by 10pm. Organizers will arrive at noon to hold the space, so feel free to show up at any time after that to keep them company! Please contact us if you wish to help out or have firewood to continue. Come to one of our regular meetings or contact us for more information.


Los Angeles, CA
May 22–25, 2015

The twenty-sixth annual Marijuana Anonymous World Services Conference, gratefully hosted by District 7, is the place where MA’s group conscience will be expressed and decisions made that affect our organization on a global level. Dedicated MA members congregate from all over the United States and the world to make decisions on how MA operates, meet other members and share their experience, strength and hope; the unity that binds all MA members to our common purpose.


There are no local events currently scheduled.

For information about events in other  SF Bay Area Districts:
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District 3 - South Bay and Santa Cruz
District 12 - Sonoma & Marin Counties