Updated March 16, 2017


The meetings in San Francisco petitioned the District 2 District Service Committee (DSC) to accept them into District 2 San Francisco & East Bay, and the District 2 DSC accepted this proposal, and renamed the District to be "San Francisco & East Bay."

As many of you know, some time ago District 1 merged their DSC into District 2's DSC, and we have been functionally a single District since then. Over the past month, our two remaining Meetings in San Francisco voted to formally join District 2, as District 1 no longer meet the requirements of having 3 Meetings and an actual DSC to be a District. Also, we have had no new money come in to the District 1 treasury, as SF meetings are struggling to just make rent, so our District would not be able to renew its remaining services: the website, voice mail, and the A New Leaf subscription, as the general fund is effectively exhausted.

The money that was collected at meetings for Public Information (PI) in San Francisco will go into the District 2 treasury, but will remain earmarked for PI in San Francisco. So there is a budget here for building up the program here if members step up to lead some PI efforts here.